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Saving Humanity One Soul at a Time

24/7 Livestream Broadcast

Shaykh Faisal Livestream Broadcast

Qur’an Khatam

Qur’an Khatam on behalf of Sitti Mahjul Naikyar & Sitti Saleha Mohammed. Intention: For Sitti Saleha Mohammed (Sidi Mohsin’s Wife) & Sitti Mahgul Naikyar (Sitti Wagma’s Mother) – For Forgiveness & Mercy & to be blessed with Jannah. Instructions: Please enter your full name beside the Juzz Number you are reciting. Once you complete recitation of…
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Ramadan Companion 2012 Video

Watch the Ramadan Companion Video for 2012: Ramadan-Companion-2012

title pic - SKS12 - 99 Names of Allah - 8.5x11